About Us

Buddy’s World and Friends was created with a child’s imagination in mind. As a child, we all have had a dream of doing something we thought would be “cool.” It might have been flying an airplane or driving a Formula One Race Car. Buddy's travel began with a multitude of greeting cards ranging in various forms from birthday to specialized events.

Thus given the demand, we have created a world where characters live out ones imagination within a diverse product base. We have recently become a publisher of Children's Books through Ingram Content Group. There are five books in the first series along with a Buddy's World 2014 Calendar. We are very grateful and excited for this opportunity!

Our Mission


To have the opportunity to become a part of the lives of children through our characters, and to assist in the development of creativity through imagination—for both young and old alike!


Buddy Bee


Buddy Bee, the main character of the group, is a young bee that does not let his obstacles stop him from fulfillment. Some of these obstacles include having shorter wings yet Buddy can fly!...

Buddy's Friends


The friends in Buddy's World are humorous, adventurous, and sometimes will bring a tear to your eye. Whatever the moment, they will be sure to bring a smile to your face...

Meet the Artist


A native of southern California, Greg grew up with a pad and pencil in hand. As a young boy he would be found doodling and sketching his favorite cartoon characters...