Reading & Activity Books

Tips for reading
with your child:


Keep It Visual —

Children are very visual learners, so add visual elements whenever possible. When reading a book, it's best to include some kind of visual aid, (like a plush Buddy Bee toy), or supplemental pictures or objects that connect to the story, like a ball or car, etc.


Keep It Short & Simple —

Kids have short attention spans. Remove other distractions from the room first. Then keep the reading engaging, interesting and fast-paced. Also keep story time short. Choose a book or books with few words or paraphrase longer text. Avoid reading verbatim. Add your own inflections, point out different parts of the illustrations, and allow for spontaneous interaction.


Keep Cool —

If you remain relaxed, it’s easier for your child to as well. If the child needs a break, allow it and come back to the book later. Don’t get frustrated and don’t worry about a set schedule or goal to complete a number of pages or books.


Keep It Fun —

Above all else, reading with your child should be fun — for both of you. Add a craft that corresponds to the book, something simple that focuses on the senses. Sing, talk, laugh, play and read.

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