Tips for
Greeting Cards


1.  Don't send e-cards as a substitute for real cards. Greeting cards should be an act of generosity with a personal touch. An e-card doesn't envoke the same warm feeling. It's easy to get affordable, high quality greeting cards here on our website!


2.  Send cards that are appropriate for the recipient.


3.  For timely delivery, mail your card earlier rather than later, especially during holiday time.


4.  Use your own handwriting wherever possible. This will give your cards a personal touch.


5.  Include your return address on all cards. This ensures the recipient will know who the card is from, and the recipient will have your current address.


6.  When sending cards to business associates, send it to their offices unless you also know them socially.


7.  When sending cards to co-workers, mail the cards to their homes. This is more personal, and avoids conflict in case you don't have cards for everyone. It also has a more traditional feel when your card arrives along with everyone else's in an addressed envelope.

Greeting Cards