Meet Buddy & Some of Buddy's Friends!

Buddy Bee

Buddy Bee, the main character of the group, is a young bee that does not let his obstacles stop him from fulfillment. Some of these obstacles include having shorter wings yet Buddy can fly! Buddy wears special glasses to help him see and special shoes to walk. Buddy does not allow these obstacles to stop him from having fun and living a very HapBee life! So Buddy has a message to children all over the world: “Regardless of the size of your wings you were given, you will always FLY.”


Buddy's Friends

The friends in Buddy's World are humorous, adventurous, and sometimes will bring a tear to your eye. Whatever the moment, they will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Maybe one day after receiving a card of the “Blue Angels”, that little boy may one day become a Naval Aviator. The little girl who was given the “Ballerina” card may one day fulfill her dream of dancing on Broadway.


Our Mission

Our passion and goal at Buddy’s World and Friends is to allow each child the realization: His or her imagination may someday come true, but for the moment it is fantabulous to……DREAM!

We are humbled for this MISSION: To have the opportunity to become a part of the life of the child through our characters. Assisting in the development of creativity through imagination is so very critical for both young and old alike!



Buddy's Best Friend—
The Artist


Gregory D. Armstrong

President & Founder  


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Testimonials from the Bees- both Big and Little!  Heartfelt, Thank you! -Buddy Bee -

February 2, 2014


"Miles, I spent the weekend with my grandson. He loves the books! He wants his “sees” every night for bedtime to do his alphabet. Thought you would want some feedback, and it is good. Thanks!"


John D. (HapBee Granddad)

October 24, 2013


"The Buddy Bee Plush Stuff Toy is Awesome!"


                                                                                      Bryan C.  (Proud  Parent)



"How are things going in Buddy's World?  Greg seems like a really special guy and he is very fortunate to have met you because I honestly believe you are one of the finest and most capable marketing specialists I have ever seen.  Most of all I think both of you believe in what you are doing and really care about the individuals you are reaching out to help."   Glenna C. - Owner          7/22/2013


  • Name : Kathy

  • Subject : Testimony

  • Message : Dear Greg and Miles, I have all your books and read them to my granddaughter when she comes to visit. She loves all the characters and falls to sleep with her new buddy doll. I think this is the greatest company for kids in such a long time. Can't wait for the new books to come out as does my granddaughter. She keeps asking me if there's any new buddy's yet? She also loves her stuffed buddy doll and many thanks for thinking of the children. All our best, Kathy and Dakota

  • Sent on: 5 February, 2014

  • Thank you!