Meet the Staff

A native of southern California, I grew up with a pad and pencil in hand. As a young boy I could be found doodling and sketching my favorite cartoon characters. My parents noticed my talent early on and enrolled me in art classes right away.


After many years of drawing, I found my mentor at a local junior college. My instructor, a Disney cartoonist, gave me some advice that I'll never forget and became a great inspiration to me. His advice was, "Create your own style and do what comes easy…draw!"


After illustrating several children's books, I created a world for children where their imagination can come to life in the form of greeting cards. Thus, Buddy's World and Friends was born and continues to evolve into more inspirational products for kids.


Buddy's World and Friends will have you wondering what adventures will happen next! Will it Buddy be in the cockpit of an F-18 with the Blue Angels or maybe commanding the Space Shuttle to the moon? Whatever the adventure might be, we have created a card or book especially for you.


On behalf of myself,  and all the characters at Buddy's World, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to put a smile on your face. Enjoy your adventure in "Buddy's World!"



Greg D. Armstrong, Founder, President, & Illustrator

Elizabeth Tracy 

Contributing Author,

and the Voice of Abbey Bee

In "Abbey's First Day" 

Abbey experiences her first

day of school as a first grader. She is on the Autism Spectrum thus the transition

to a new environment and a new routine is filled with

both joy and challenges.

Written by Elizabeth Tracy,

a 2015 graduate of

The University of Notre Dame,

who is on the Autism Spectrum.

Robert Tracy, M.A

Contributing Author, & V.P. Marketing