An "exciting wildlife adventure" as Buddy discovers Fossil Rim. Fossil Rim is an Endangered Wildlife Center located in Glen Rose, Texas. Buddy Bee greets and meets a few species of the endangered wildlife and becomes great friends with an Attwater Prairie Chicken known as "Lil' Tex but please call him "L.T." This is the ninth book including a 2015 Calendar in Buddy's World and Friends first series. Please enjoy reading Buddy's adventure and have a great time "discovering" Fossil Rim with your Family, children and friends. HapBee Thoughts! -Buddy Bee- 

Buddy Bee discovers Fossil Rim (paperback)

  • Product Number: 0991520866

    Paperback bound book. Publication size: 9.25" x 6.25". Illustrated by Gregory D. Armstrong. Published by Ingram Content Group. Publication is also available on and

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